I applaud you in taking the time to take this self-test. This is the first step.

  1. Have you ever been locked into the belief that there are only 2 choices: “paper or plastic”?
  2. Are you afraid that if you stop single-use bags your life will become more difficult or unmanageable?
  3. Have you ever chosen to continue single-use bag use despite one or more single-use bag failures?
  4. Have you ever taken a bag even when you were able to easily carry your purchase in your hand, pocket or purse?
  5. Do you ever request your purchase to be double-bagged or God-forbid, triple bagged?
  6. Do you own reusable bags but “forget” them at your house or in the car?
  7. Have you made resolutions to quit or reduce your single-use bag usage but continue the habit?
  8. Have you ever blamed the bagger or store for your habit?
  9. Have you ever succumbed to pressure by the bagger to take a bag?
  10. Do you feel depressed, guilty, or remorseful after you use or throw away a single-use bag?
  11. Have you ever purged your house of single-use bags only to find them piling up again in just a few weeks?
  12. Do you have a large stash of single-use bags hidden in a cabinet, closet or drawer?
  13. Have you ever felt awkward refusing a bag when offered?
  14. Do you have a hard time saying no when single-use bags are pushed on you?
  15. Have you ever lied to or misled those around you about how much or how often you use single-use bags?
  16. Do you usually have “good” reasons for your single-use bag usage?
  17. Have you ever had purple or blue fingers from carrying too many plastic bags at once?
  18. Have you tried to control your single-use bag use by switching from paper to plastic or vice versa?
  19. Have you ever decided to stop using for a week or so, but only lasted for a couple of days?

If you have answered YES to any of the questions, you may have a single-use bag problem.